October 1, 2008

Marcos is putting the plaster on the north wall.

Now that daylight is on the wall you can see the silver color when the wall was scraped down to the electrical boxes.

The plastered kitchen wall with the uncovered electrical boxes.

This is the plastered living room wall with a couple of its electrical boxes exposed.

The plastered living room wall meeting the roughened wall of the upper story. That thing sticking out is the smurf tube that will run electricity between the ceiling of the first floor and the upstairs floor.

Marcos is smoothing on the mud.

Marcos is good with that trowel. In the background you can see the underground home Ray built in Tennessee.

Please note the hose running up to the worker so that you don't get the wrong idea about what he is doing to the floor.

Andrus is grinding down the edges so they wouldn't be so sharp.

Marcos was having way too much fun as he threw the mud onto the wall to fill in the low spots.

Early Neanderthal art?

Before Marcos got hold of the mud trowel.

After Marcos found his mud trowel.

Our new art deco interior on the living room wall.

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